Shelf for 8.4mm vesa bracket


The jscad project vesa-shelf uses gulp to create a dist/vesaShelf.jscad file and watches your source for changes. You can drag the dist/vesaShelf.jscad directory into the drop area on Make sure you check Auto Reload and any time you save, gulp creates the dist/vesaShelf.jscad file, and your model should refresh.


The example project uses jscad-utils. These utilities are a set of utilities that make object creation and alignment easier. To remove it, npm uninstall --save jscad-utils, and remove the util.init(CSG); line in vesaShelf.jscad.

Other libraries

You can search NPM for other jscad libraries. Installing them with NPM and running gulp should create a dist/vesaShelf.jscad will all dependencies injected into the file.

For example, to load a RaspberryPi jscad library and show a Raspberry Pi Model B, install jscad-raspberrypi using npm install --save jscad-raspberrypi. Then return a combined BPlus group from the main() function.

main()   util.init(CSG);

  return RaspberryPi.BPlus().combine();

### Gist

// include:js
// endinject


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