# spacer

# Spacer ⇒ CSG

Create a 3d printable support spacer between a RPi and a Hat.

Returns: CSG - A CSG object of the spacer.

Param Type Default Description
[options] object An options object
[options.height] number 11 The height of the spacer.
[options.thickness] number 1 Thickness of the gussets.
[options.snap] string ""outside-"" Snap side of the spacer to the mb parameter.
[options.gpio] boolean true Subtract the gpio area from the spacer.
[options.offset] number 2 The z offset of the gussets from the top of the spacer.
[options.gussetOutside] Array.<number> [45, 45] Outside x,y dimensions of the gussets.
[options.gussetInside] Array.<number> [40,40] Inside x,y dimensions of the gussets.
[options.postOnly] boolean false Only return the posts of the spacer, without the gussets.
[options.hollow] boolean false Do not include the cross connectors on the gussets.
mb CSG A RPi board to place the spacer on.


function main() {

  var pi = RaspberryPi.BPlus().align('mb', util.unitCube(), 'xy');

  pi.add(RaspberryPi.Spacer({}, pi.parts.mb), 'spacer');

    RaspberryPi.PiTFT24({}, pi.parts.mb).snap(
  return pi.combineAll();

// include:js
// endinject