# pi-tft24

# PiTFT24 ⇒ JsCadUtilsGroup

Returns an Adafruit PiTFT 2.4 Hat with buttons. PiTFT 2.4 example

Returns: JsCadUtilsGroup - A group object with all of the parts for a PiTFT24.

export default function PiTFT24(options = {}, pi) {

Param Type Default Description
[options] Object An options object.
[options.buttonCapHeight] number 4 The button cap height.
[options.capBaseHeight] number 1 The base of the button cap height.
[options.buttonWireYOffset] number 5 The offset of the wire connecting the buttons.
[options.clearance] number 0.9 The clearance between the buttons and their holes.
[pi] CSG A RaspberryPi CSG object to align the PiTFT24 object to.


function main() {

  var pi = RaspberryPi.BPlus().align('mb', util.unitCube(), 'xy');

  pi.add(RaspberryPi.Spacer({}, pi.parts.mb), 'spacer');

    RaspberryPi.PiTFT24({}, pi.parts.mb).snap(
  return pi.combineAll();

// include:js
// endinject