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# jscad-raspberrypi

bplus example This is a collection of jscad parts that model a RaspberryPi BPlus and various Hats. These models use the jscad-utils library and return jscad-utils group objects.

# Installation

Install jscad-raspberrypi using NPM:

npm install --save jscad-raspberrypi

# Basic usage

To use the utilities, you need to include the jscad-raspberrypi.jscad file and a copy of lodash.

main() {
  var BPlus = RaspberryPi.BPlus();
  return BPlus.combine();

# Yeoman Generator

You can use the yeoman jscad generator which will create a project that uses this library. Once you create your project, install jscad-raspberrypi, and run gulp. Dragging the dist directory into will include this library. Modify your main.jscad file to return a RaspberryPi object.

// include:js
// endinject
/* exported main, getParameterDefinitions */
/* globals piexample */
function main(params) {
  return RaspberryPi.BPlus().combine();

# Examples

Examples are placed in the dist directory. This allows the files to be included directly into

Here are some of the examples:

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