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# jscad-hardware


This is a collection of jscad parts that model a common Imperial and Metric bolts and washers. These models use the jscad-utils library and return jscad-utils group objects.

# Installation

Install @jwc/jscad-hardware using NPM:

npm install --save @jwc/jscad-hardware

# Basic usage

To use the utilities, you need to include the jscad-hardware.jscad.


main() {

  var bolt = Hardware.Bolt(
    ImperialBolts['5/16 hex'],

  return bolt.combine('head,thread');

# Yeoman Generator

You can use the yeoman jscad generator which will create a project that uses this library.

Once you create your project, install jscad-hardware, and run gulp. Dragging the dist directory into http://openjscad.org/ will include this library.

Modify your main.jscad file to return a bolt object.

function main() {

  var bolt = Hardware.Bolt(util.inch(1), ImperialBolts["5/16 hex"], "close");

  return bolt.combine("head,thread");

// include:js
// endinject

bolt example